Press Release: Trivedi Global, Inc. with Sheila Benson Announce Research Results on the Impact of a Biofield Energy Nutraceutical in Alleviating Inflammation and Autoimmune Disorders

WHITEHORSE, Y.T., CANADA (PRWEB) JULY 11, 2018   (Click here to view on CISION PRWEB) Sheila Benson, a scientifically validated energy healer, today announces research results based on the impact of a biofield energy treated nutraceutical [...]

Press Release: Trivedi Global, Inc. Announces research by Sheila Benson on Energy Treated Vitamin D3 which Shows Significant Benefits for Bone Health

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, June 06, 2018   (Click here to view on GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Sheila Benson, an evidence-based healer, today released research results from preclinical trials on the beneficial impact of biofield energy healing treated [...]